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Web Design 101

February 28, 2019

What are the essential elements of a homepage?

A homepage should have:

  • a modern, easy-to-use design
  • a heading or branding logo to identify the website immediately
  • optimized text content that both describes the purpose of the website and tells Google where to rank you for searches
  • a place for visitors to search the site’s content
  • a clear menu or navigation to other pages on the site (including links to terms and privacy if applicable)
  • contact and newsletter signup forms so users can stay connected with your brand

A homepage should also be attractive and feature photos and images that appeal to your customers. There should be clear links to all of your social media pages, and a way to contact the site owner. A call to action is often placed within the opening text of a website to tell your customers how you want them to act.

How do you decide on the right look?

In most website builders you can browse themes, these are pre-made designs which offer you the basis of a professional website out of the box. The best way to choose a theme is to first define your company branding choices and content requirements. You should also consider your competition to find which would best suit your target audience.

DotLabs will work with you from the branding stage to customising a look for your website and creating content your customers will love.

What do you need your website to do?

Websites can be anything to anyone, though they all share the same basic purpose - to communicate effectively to the visitor. With the right branding and messaging you can guide visitors to the content they want to see, whether that is your latest blog post or your star product. Things can get fun from here on out. Custom web applications that allow you to create accounts and access added features are a great way of promoting your software while having control of the environment the user experiences it in.

Attractive features such as picture sliders, interactive maps, and dynamic product listings are all fantastic ways of promoting your business. If you're not sure which features best suit your business DotLabs will talk you through what's possible within your budget, and give impartial advice about what we think will work best for you.

Why use DotLabs to build your website?

Service. DotLabs care about our customers, we are committed not only to great design but to working with our clients to build a website that meets and exceeds their expectations. Our team has a wealth of experience in coding, web design, and marketing. This allows us to be able to understand every aspect of what it takes to make a great website and deliver a finished product you'll love.

It doesn't stop there! Once we're done building your website DotLabs will work with you to make sure you understand how everything works. We'll take care of hosting and any site maintenance issues, we're always here to help.

February 28, 2019

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